Four ways to “Be” to attract and keep talent

Keeping talent is as important, if not more, as attracting it. In this blog, you will learn four ways to attract and keep innovative talent - or be one!

Be Flexible

The pandemic has taught all of us, and especially your employees, how to get work done no matter what the circumstances. A successful employer will be flexible in terms of location: is a relocation to HQ necessary? If not, what are the guidelines on travel, days in the office, days in the field, days with the team and peers, or is it “as long as you get the job done, we don’t care.” We have seen hybrid solutions work best, including changes over time.

Be Safe

Safety at work was primarily the concern of blue-collar roles until the pandemic broke out. Employees up and down the organizational chart want to see real action on keeping workers safe, whether they are in a plush office on the 34th floor or in a hard hat building the 34th floor.

 Be Decent

A lot has been written about “The Great Resignation” that followed the COVID lock-down. Spectacular “I Quit!” moments have been documented on social media. The way companies treat their employees, the environment and the planet, in general, is an increasing consideration when employees decide to stick around or leave. Employees expect a company’s “Mission” to actually mean something positive for all stakeholders.

Be a Team

A sports team must develop and grow its talent or face some bad days on the field. It is obvious in sports and just as important in business. People want to grow and people want to win. Develop and grow your associates at all levels of the organization to avoid having bad days in the boardroom.

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