Finding innovative leaders for almost 20 years.

We are an executive search firm that for almost 20 years have been on a mission to deliver innovative talent capable of delivering on clients' business objectives.

Our story

Our vision

Our vision is to produce superior results in the recruitment of innovative leaders using a highly focused approach, extreme client focus and search execution with a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion.

How We Put It All Together.

We use a highly client-focused approach to retained executive search. Being a boutique search firm, we have made the decision to not spend time on calls, meetings, travel to solve our own problems. Our time is spent on value-added activities for our clients with the singular objective of identifying the best available talent for every single role.


We listen and we probe. We start every search with a download of what a leader needs to accomplish and what the known opportunities and challenges are. We organize the hard and soft skills we seek in as few words as possible in our well-known “Clover Leaf.” We define success together.


The very reason we exist is that we saw first-hand what the absence of critical leadership does to an organization. Our own experience allows us to empathize and feel the negative impact of a missing leader or the wrong leader. This is the difference between “doing retained search” and being a true partner in success.


Every day of a search requires action and results. We commit to keeping your search on an accelerated trajectory, going as fast as your organization wants to move. The very best candidates show up early in our searches. It is just a matter of aligning and making the right offer.

Meet our partners

Steve Nilsen - Managing Partner

Steve has deep experience across industries, working with global and regional organizations. He is a big believer, and practitioner of, passionate curiosity, which is how he approaches search projects with clients.

Pamela Dixon - Founder / Managing Partner

Pamela saw first-hand the cost and damage that missing and mismatched leadership caused organizations she worked with. She knew there had to be a better way to correctly identify and onboard leadership talent, and founded SSi-SEARCH to do it. The firm’s name was later changed to CastLight Search.